Do you exercise regularly, yet can't seem to reach your desired physique?

Do you eat healthy yet still feel bloated a lot of the time? 

Do you feel like you body is in fight or flight?

Does your physical body feel tight? (especially shoulders and traps)

Do you struggle to fall asleep & stay asleep?

Do you feel like your body could be healthier?

Do you feel mentally foggy/not as sharp at times?

Do you struggle with anxiety/PTSD?

Do you feel like the tension in your body is building? 

Do you sometimes feel like you need to accept that this is how your body is?

Do you feel confused by it all and feel like giving up?


As a lifelong fitness professional, welcome to the work that changed my LIFE, HEALTH, FITNESS, AND PHYSIQUE. For years, I used to workout 5-6 days a week, eat a bodybuilder diet, go for runs, yet still WAS NOT AS FIT OR LEAN as I SHOULD have been. Once I learned the easy and ESSENTIAL principles I teach in this mini-course, my body began to change. My FAT-BURNING, ENERGY, SLEEP, DIGESTION, STRENGTH, and MENTAL CAPACITY, ALL became ACTIVATED. How come no one taught us this in the gym? Even my physical FLEXIBILITY IMPROVED, which motivated me to actually stretch more, which became a beautiful avenue to reduce stress, and heal emotionally. As I started to learn more and teach the concepts to my Personal Training clients, they experienced the same results..., and you can too. Why? Because the human body has one main requirement to OPTIMIZE function and heal - OXYGEN!

The reason you are stuck

Without learning how to ACTIVATE your breath, your physical, mental, and emotional body is functioning at 20% of it's capacity. This means physically it is difficult to SEE progress because internally, the body is weak and slow. Throw in some stress, some poor meals, and some alcohol, and that 20% can decease quickly. The benefits of Activating your Breath are - You are OXYGENATING and OPTIMIZING the way your body functions. This means all your organs such as liver, stomach, spleen, gut, heart, brain, skin will do it's job WELL. The better the internal organs are functioning, the more you will be able to SEE and FEEL the results of your constant efforts. 

Make Your Body More Efficient and Responsive

By activating your body's Parasympathetic System even while you are on-the-go

  • Burn and metabolize stored fat by reducing cortisol and adrenal activity through proper breathing

  • Oxygenate your gut to decrease bloating, by optimizing food breakdown, enzymatic activity, gut microbiome health, and nutrient absoption

  • Reduce muscle tightness in shoulders, neck, and traps by decreasing chest breathing

  • Improve quality and quantity of SLEEP by down-regulating the Nervous System and optimizing the natural Melatonin cycle

  • Decrease stress & anxiety by reducing overthinking and coming into the present moment

  • Improve flexibility by decreasing tension in the Fascial network

Maybe your Metabolism has just slowed down?

Well! Unfortunately, no matter what your age is, without Activating your Breath, your body is starved, and functioning at 20% of it's capability! I have clients in their 40's and 50's who are ACTIVATED, STRONG, SHARP, and FIT. I also have clients who are in their 20's when they come see me and are lethargic, injured, tight, and suffer from anxiety...until I teach them these principles. The risk to reward is a no brainer.

How Else Will I Benefit From This Course?

Here are my clients top experiences!

  • "I feel more calm and less stressed, even when I am busy"

  • "Barely feel bloated!"

  • "No more TMJ and I barely wake up with neck pain"

  • My sleep!!! Which I feel like is greatly helping my appetite, and my need for coffee. Ahem adrenals feel more supported!"

  • "the combination of the breathing and the work we have been doing [women's health], my clothes are fitting loser

  • "I can stretch way better and my hips

  • "I'm so grateful I stuck with it, and with you... You know why, but for everyone else - my lifelong injury that has kept me overweight is finally healing"

Why Should I Do This?

There is an AMAZING Guided Breathing that alone I guarantee will activate your body! I haven't found anything like it ANYWHERE. In it, as well throughout the mini-course, I combine concepts from 15+ years of studies and hands on experience in health, fitness, injury rehab, brain science, fascial health, nutrition, hormones, women's health, mens health, spiritual health, and healing. This is ESSENTIAL work that everyone must KNOW and EXPERIENCE so that you can access your OPTIMAL HEALTH.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Step-by-Step to Activate Your Breath

    • Step 1: What is the Nervous System? What Does it Mean to Regulate?

    • QUIZ: Test Your Learning!

    • Step 2: Essential Anatomy Lesson

    • Step 3: 4 Simple Beginner Breathing Fundamentals

    • Step 4: Nose or Mouth Breathing?

    • Pre-Step 5: PREP

    • Step 5: How To Actually Breathe Properly (1 HOUR SOMATIC EXPERIENCE)

    • Step 6: 3 Easy and Impactful Breathing Exercises

  • 3

    Extra Essentials

    • 3 Real-Life Steps to Stay out of Fight or Flight

    • Does a stiff low back affect your breathing?

    • What about Clothing?

    • How to Regulate in the Gym

    • What Else Can You Use Your Breath For?

    • Written Blurb of My Story

  • 4


    • Free Your Rib Cage

    • Diaphragm Release

    • Befriend Your Breath

    • Let it Go (I Do This DAILY)

  • 5


    • Breathing Technique to Up-Regulaute

    • Breathing Technique to Down-Regulate

  • 6


    • Congratulations!